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Video of the recent Kayak trip on the Great Miami


So Who, or What is, the Butler County Stream Team?

The Butler County Stream Team is a group of volunteers that collects, analyzes, and reports water quality data from many waterways in Butler County.  We collect samples from streams and rivers in Butler County, Ohio and analyze them for these parameters: nitrates, total phosphorous, bacteria, conductivity, total dissolved solids, pH, turbidity.

The Stream Team exists through the collaborative effort of Butler County resident volunteers, the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability at Miami University, the Butler County Storm Water District, and the Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.  Learn more about some of our volunteers on the volunteer spotlight page.

The goal of the Butler County Stream Team is to educate residents about their local water quality issues, including storm water runoff and the pollution it brings to waterways in both rural and urban landscapes. A secondary goal is to use the data to look at trends and potential issues in the water quality of our county.

How you can participate:

It is easy to be a Stream Team Volunteer!  Volunteers are needed to collect samples from local waterways, as well as to analyze those samples at the lab on the campus of Miami University. You can help even if you have 1 hour. No experience is required.

Explore your watershed cartoon by artist Chris Rowlands


Artwork by Chris Rowlands, local artist showing a person standing in a creek surrounded by wildlife




Sampling Dates

Stream team samples March - November each year. Our sampling date is the 2nd Saturday of each month, so our next date is...

August 9

Sept 13

Upcoming Events

Pontoon on Acton Lake

More details will be posted soon, but we are working with Tera and Dr. Vanni at Mimai to offer an educational pontoon boat ride at Acton Lake to learn about their water quality research.

Water Treatment Plant Visit

The City of Fairfield is welcoming us on a trip to both the drinking and wastewater treatments plants. Dates will be posted soon.

Items of Interest

Discounted Soil Testing

ODNR has provided funding to provide reduced price soil testing for the first 100 Butler County residents that apply.. Info flier (pdf)






Butler County Stream Team is a partnership between the community and

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