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Habitat Monitoring

cQHEI Citizens Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index

Citizens Qualitative Habitat Assessment Tool (cQHEI) is a visual assessment of the creek habitat, looking at things like substrate, tree cover, and fallen logs. In 2020, we started offering training for habitat evaluation using the Ohio EPA's cQHEI. Modeled on the method the EPA uses in the field, this was specifically modified for using in citizen science programs like Stream Team 


At least one main training class is held each year, and will be listed on the calendar on our homepage. At other times throughout the summer, additional training opportunities are sometimes available. Please contact Lynn for more details.

In the time between physical training, you can use our online resources to teach yourself.  To become a habitat volunteer, please complete the following:

Here is the form that is used for scoring cQHEI form

Sampling Equipment
  • cQHEI form

  • pen or pencil

  • tape measure

  • something to take photos

  • footwear that can get wet

Stream Programs for Families

Each summer, Butler Soil and Water Conservation District in partnership with MetroParks of Butler County offer free creek programs for families. These programs are usually on Thursdays at 10 am. A complete list of these programs can be found on Butler Soil and Water's calendar

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