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Credible Data

Credible Data is a program that classifies surface water monitoring performed by watershed groups, state agencies, schools, local volunteers and other organizations. Ohio EPA uses the data submitted under the program in ways prescribed by State law.

Butler County Stream Team is classed as level 2. Ohio EPA makes use of level 2 data in ways intended by the law. It may be used to evaluate trends in water quality and the relative effectiveness of pollution abatement projects after they are implemented. It typically takes many years of data collection to measure water quality changes, so level 2 data is well suited for organized watershed groups and local volunteer organizations who are committed to improving the long term health of their waters. Ohio EPA will routinely use level 2 data to gain preliminary insights into local water quality conditions when planning its own water quality survey work. In addition, the Agency will periodically assess all available level 2 data to examine the success of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)-driven pollution abatement efforts and possible regional or statewide trends in water quality. Level 2 groups are often in the position to perform the valuable function of monitoring long term surface water quality trends in a watershed (where Ohio EPA may not have the resources to frequently revisit a particular area).

Project Study Plan

Study plans are required for all water quality monitoring projects undertaken pursuant to the credible data rules. 

Quality Assurance Plan

All laboratories that perform analysis under a Level 2 must implement a quality assurance program.

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