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The Butler County Stream Team is a group of volunteers that collects, analyzes, and reports water quality data from many waterways in Butler County.  We collect samples from streams and rivers in Butler County, Ohio and analyze them for these parameters:nitratestotal phosphorousbacteriaconductivitytotal dissolved solidspHturbidity.

The Stream Team exists through the collaborative effort of Butler County resident volunteers, the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability at Miami University, theButler County Storm Water District, and the Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.  Learn more about some of our volunteers on the volunteer spotlight page.

The goal of the Butler County Stream Team is to educate residents about their local water quality issues, including storm water runoff and the pollution it brings to waterways in both rural and urban landscapes. A secondary goal is to use the data to look at trends and potential issues in the water quality of our county.

Lab Sign Up:

Lab Sign up is through Doodle. We limit the signup to 9 people each session to avoid you driving to Oxford and not having anything to do. If you have any questions contact Lynn.

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