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2023 Sampling

Sampling occurs on the 2nd Saturday of each month from March through November. All samplers must attend a training in order for our data to be accepted by the Ohio EPA. 


2023 Training Breakfast - Save the Date

Saturday, February 25 from 9 am - 12 noon

At the Butler County Engineers Office, 1921 Fairgrove Ave, Hamilton, OH 45011. This is next to the Butler County Fairgrounds. 

New Sites for 2023? We are currently looking at our sampling sites to see if we need to add a few more locations. 

Are you sampling in 2023? If you are a current sampler and wish to continue sampling in 2023, please let Lynn know If you have not sampled with us int he past, and are interested in becoming a monthly sampler, also contact Lynn.

Lab Volunteers:  We use doodle to signup lab volunteers- just to make sure you don't drive to the lab needlessly.

Lab Training Videos

Thanks to Zak Schultz, one of the 2020 awesome graduate students, we now have training videos for each of the lab stations. 

Habitat Evaluation

cQHEI is a visual assessment of the creek habitat, looking at things like substrate, tree cover, and fallen logs.  Here is the form that is used for scoring cQHEI form

To become a habitat volunteer, please complete the following:


Butler County Stream Team is a citizen science group that collects, analyzes, and reports water quality data from many waterways in Butler County.

The Stream Team exists through the collaborative effort of Butler County resident volunteers, the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability at Miami University, the Butler County Storm Water District, and the Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.  

Collecting Samples
Testing Samples
Latest News
Lab Signup

We use doodle to signup lab volunteers- just to make sure you don't drive to the lab needlessly.

Sunday Bacteria Count

1 person to assist Tera each month to count bacteria samples. 10:30 - 1:30 ish. Email Tera.

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