Saturday, October 15 - Canoe Trip

Thanks to the Butler County Stormwater District, we have a free canoe trip on the Mill Creek scheduled to start at 9 am.

Space is limited to 16 people.

Please register ASAP to guarantee your place in a boat.

The paddling voyage will start at Haffey Field, the site of a recently completed restoration project in Reading, OH. The 4 1/2 mile journey will end at Caldwell Playground Park in Carthage. We will spend about 3 hours on the water with educational stops along the way, plus about an hour of combined time on the land before and after paddling.  This section includes passage over 2 soon-to-be-mitigated low head dams, past the confluences of the West Fork Mill Creek and Congress Run, and views of another MCA restoration project near the old Hartwell Golf course. Water level may create need for last minute changes in route plan and/or dragging of canoes at times


2022 Sampling Season

Sampling takes place on the 2nd Saturday each month, March through November. 

All of our sampling sites are currently full, but we are looking for substitute samplers to help when people are sick or on vacation. We are seeking subs for:

  • Oxford/Milford Twp area

If you are interested, please contact Lynn for more details. 

Lab Volunteers: Doodle Sign Up 

Lab Training Videos

Thanks to Zak Schultz, one of the 2020 awesome graduate students, we now have training videos for each of the lab stations. 

Habitat Evaluation

cQHEI is a visual assessment of the creek habitat, looking at things like substrate, tree cover, and fallen logs.  Here is the form that is used for scoring cQHEI form

To become a habitat volunteer, please complete the following:


Butler County Stream Team is a citizen science group that collects, analyzes, and reports water quality data from many waterways in Butler County.

The Stream Team exists through the collaborative effort of Butler County resident volunteers, the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability at Miami University, the Butler County Storm Water District, and the Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.  

Collecting Samples
Testing Samples
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Lab Signup

We use doodle to signup lab volunteers- just to make sure you don't drive to the lab needlessly.

Sunday Bacteria Count

1 person to assist Tera each month to count bacteria samples. 10:30 - 1:30 ish. Email Tera.

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